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Hyster Forklift H-40 XL - good used condition!

   Green House

      Accepting             offers

​This dense, dark green, evergreen shrub makes a nice, cone-shaped topiary.  Ilex Steeds is an evergreen that could be as tall as 6 to 8 feet at maturity.

Cones available in 5, 7 & 15 gallon pots.


Arizona Cypress

We use the fragrant Carolina Sapphire cultivar for our Arizona Cypress topiaries.  The lacy, icy blue foliage shapes up nicely when trimmed as a topiary.

Cones, spirals and reverse 2-Ball & Cones available in 7 or 15 gallon pots.

Hoop Houses

20' x 94' Hoop Houses - $

40' x 150' Hoop Houses - $

PowerHouse® – Stuppy Greenhouse

Texas Sage

16X8X16 Column Blocks - used for keeping plants upright.  Shipping costs can be very high & availability sporadic. Come pick these up local.  

COLUMN BLOCK 16"X 16"X 8" #VSHE1616CB, (

These cold-hardy cones have silvery foliage and purple flowers.

Cones available in 7 gallon pots.

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